Meet India


Meet India, the passionate entrepreneur behind Rotate Boutique. With an eye for style and a commitment to sustainability, India has created a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking unique, high-end pieces. With India’s keen understanding of trends and quality, she curates an exquisite collection of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and designer items.

India’s love for fashion goes beyond the aesthetic. By meticulously handpicking each item that graces the racks of Rotate Boutique, India ensures that every customer finds a one-of-a-kind treasure that aligns with their personal style and values.

Not only does India possess an unparalleled sense of style, but she also fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere in Rotate Boutique. She believes in building lasting relationships with customers, providing personalized styling advice and creating an inclusive space where everyone can explore their fashion journey.

Visit Rotate Boutique today and discover fashion that tells a story and join her in the journey towards a more stylish and sustainable future.

361 E Maple in downtown Birmingham, Mi